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The Charleswood Broncos exist due to volunteers that put countless hours and efforts into the organization.  Without volunteers, the football club would not be able to function and players would not have a great place to play.

There are a variety of volunteer positions available such as:
** Note: Anyone can volunteer at any time, you are not required to complete credits during your child(s) game

  • Clubhouse duties for homes games: Canteen, BBQ
  • Bomber Home games as assigned selling 50/50
  • Team specific positions: 50/50 sales at homes games, Stick crew, field setup/tear down, announcer, spectator monitor, Coach, Assistant Coach, Trainer, Manager.
  • Oak Park High School games: Canteen, BBQ

There are other opportunities that may arise as well.

Please keep in mind that our amazing coaches & trainers average a minimum of 6-9 hours per week, so we need to do our part to fulfill our minimum hours per season.  If we are missing volunteers then the players and coaches will have to do the field setup/tear downs, and the canteen and/or BBQ will be closed.

Each job will have a credit assigned to it that has been decided on by the board and is based on the time and work involved.  Each Family is required to put up a $200.00 volunteer bond via post-dated cheque or placing a credit card on file.  The minimum required credits are 20 per family.

The bond is automatically forfeit if any of the following should occur:

  1. Your credits are not fulfilled by the end of the season
  2. You miss 2 shifts that you have signed up for without proper notice (you will receive a warning after 1st one)

The game schedule for the season comes out in late July/early August, and a schedule of volunteer hours will be available shortly after.  All shifts are first come first serve, and there is no waitlist.

Instructions on how to sign up for a shift will be emailed after registration.

If you are unable to complete a shift that you have signed up for we require notice of 48 hours prior to shift.  If less than 48 hours, then it will be your responsibility to find a replacement and advise who will be there for you via email/text to the Director of Volunteers.

Please remember that your Volunteer efforts will directly benefit your club and children.

Thank you
Charleswood Broncos Football Club