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Below are the certification requirements for being a coach of a Broncos program. In addition to those, Coaches are responsible for all aspects of scheduling, planning, and communicating that are required for the successful operation of a team. While many of those tasks can be delegated to the team Manager, if one does not come forward, the Head Coach and/or Assistant Coaches will be responsible for the duties of a Manager. 

At least 1 certified Head Coach is required to be registered for every team that wishes to play in the MMFA.

The NCCP (National Coaching Certification Program) is a competency-based approach, in which a coach is trained and may achieve certification to coach specific ages in a particular coaching environment.

The definition of a "good" or competent coach is no longer just based on "how much he or she knows" about their chosen sport.  With the new NCCP program, the focus is on the proper use of effective teaching methods combined with an understanding of what activities and expectations are reasonable and appropriate for specific age groups.  A description of the three "streams" adopted by Football Canada is explained further down the page.

There are 5 mandatory courses that are required in Manitoba for all tackle football coaches, regardless of the age of their athletes:

1) Respect in Sport is an online course required by all team staff in Manitoba (not just football coaches).  This course helps promote proper understanding and values through a simple and convenient online training course for coaches and sports leaders. It is designed as a tool to assist coaches in identifying and dealing with abuse, neglect, harassment, and bullying in sport.  Approximately 2.5 hours - Free 

2) Safe Contact is designed for all coaches who currently coach tackle football.  Techniques and drills to teach safe contact are highlighted, in addition to learning how to analyze and correct athletic performance.  Upon completing this module coaches will be able to: (not required for Flag coaches at this time)

  1. Address Fear of Contact
  2. Teach Safe Tackling
  3. Teach Safe Blocking
  4. Teach Safe Contact for Ball Carriers
  5. Analyze Performance

The Safe Contact course generally consists of a one-day workshop.  It is mandatory for coaching all ages of athletes who participate in tackle football. The goal of this module is to provide coaches with the tools required to create a safer environment for their athletes while improving overall skill levels.

3) Making Head Way in Football is a free, online concussion awareness course offered through the NCCP designed to help you gain the knowledge and skills required to ensure the safety of your athletes and will make you concussion smart!  Approximately 60-90 minutes. 

4) Depending on age group you will be required to complete ONE of:

Required for anyone coaching athletes from age 8-13 years of age

Coaches the fundamentals of football with a recreational focus. This workshop will give you skills and confidence in the key areas of practice planning, making ethical decisions, and fundamental technical football skills. The skills you will learn are ideal for voluntary coaches who have children who participate in football, or who wish to assist participants of all ages who are new to the sport.  Coaches must attend an 8-hour workshop.


Required for anyone coaching athletes from age 14-18 years of age

Coaches will be taught basic and intermediate skills required to become a trained position coach in offensive, defensive or special teams position skills by an expert coach. The expert coach will also provide drill progressions and will demonstrate how to incorporate these tools into practice plans.
Upon completing this module, coaches will be able to do the following:

  1. Plan a Practice
  2. Analyze Performance
  3. Provide support to athletes in training
  4. Make Ethical Decisions (MED)
  5. Position-specific technical material​​​​​​​

    After completion of the 8-hour classroom portion of the Intro to Competition course, coaches will also attend a 4–5-hour Position Module session at an on-field workshop with an elite level coach at their specific position. Upon completion of the 14-hour course, the coach will have achieved TRAINED status.  To become CERTIFIED the coach will need to be evaluated during a practice, by a Coach Evaluator. When approved, the coach is considered to be an Intro to Competition - Positional Coach "Certified".

5) Make Ethical Decisions - Online Evaluation is an online course required by all coaches in Manitoba who have completed any of the Coach Stream courses above. This Evaluation is designed to reinforce the content covered in the Intro to Comp, and Competition Development programs.

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