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Registration / Cost

Like other MMFA teams, the Charleswood Broncos utilize TeamLinkt for registration and communication. Our registration process does involve an online portion and an in-person portion. The in-person is typically conducted in mid-late May. 

Follow our socials to stay updated on when 2024 Season info is available and registration is open. 

NOTE: Any costs quoted below are based on 2023 information and are subject to change for 2024.

There are a few different costs for playing football on a Broncos team in the MMFA:

  • $400 Base Registration Fee ($300 for U10 Crunchers)
  • $130 Mandatory Fundraising (can be recouped)
  • $200 Volunteer Bond via Credit Card or Post-Dated cheque. (only charged/cashed if Volunteer Credits are not fullfilled).
  • $300 Equipment Bond via Credit Card or Post-Dated cheque. (only charged/cashed if equipment isn't returned or damaged outside of normal wear are not fullfilled).
  • $50-150 - Proper footwear (players may be required to purchase specific socks)

In addtion, some optional fees:

  • Non-player attendees at the year-end Awards Banquet
  • Non-player attendees at invited guest Bomber games
  • Picture package

While football continues to be a relatively affordable sport, it can still be prohibitive for some families. 

The Charleswood Broncos, MMFA, and Football Manitoba want to ensure that all children that want to play, get an opporutnity. If you require financial assistance, you may qualify through KidSport or Jumpstart. If you require financial assistance, Contact Us for more information on how to apply for either program. 

Volunteer & Fundraising

I'm sure you're no stranger to Mandatory Fundraising Fees and Volunteer Bonds. 

Our fundraising fee is able to be recouped, full details will be available when we know what 2024 will be. We also hold a social for parents at the start of the season. 

Our Club currently operates under a volunteer credit program. In 2023, 20 credits were required to fulfill volunteer requirements. Activites were assigned credits based on time taken to complete the activity. 

Key Steps once 2024 Season is live

  1. Register Online and fill out associated forms
  2. When you register you will be creating (or utilizing an existing) TeamLinkt account, this will be the Clubs and teams communication method. 
  3. Bring forms and other requirements to the scheduled in-person registration sessions to finalize registration. (typically held late mid-late May).
  4. Attend the season opening social
  5. Attend Equipment Fitting Sessions (typically held in June)
  6. some equipment will be provided on site, some will need to be ordered.
  7. Enjoy the season!