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Our Board is dedicated and happy to put in countless hours so that your children can play football, but without the help of our Generous Partners, we could never successfully pull it off. 

Our Generous Partners can be broken into 3 categories:


Our volunteers are primarly parents and are responsible for the successful game day operations of the Charleswood Broncos Football Club. They are involved in:
  • Team Staff roles responsible for day-to-operation of a specific team.
  • Game day set-up/take-down.
  • Canteen operations
  • First down yardage game crew (team of 3)
  • Any game day 50/50 or raffle collection
  • Game day announcing
  • Winnipeg Blue Bomber game day assistance (handing out programs)
  • Other club activities

Parents of players are required to fulfill a minimum amount of volunteer hours or surrender a bond provided at registration. For information on that, click here.

If you're interested in applying for a Team Staff role, click here.


This group includes all the people that generously provide either time or money towards any fundraisers we engage in.

Like our sponsors, your contribution plays a large part in our ability to keep costs to the lowest possible. 

Current Fundraisers will be listed below. If blank, it means we aren't doing one now. Follow our socials to stay up to date on any fundraising activities througout the season. 


The Charleswood Broncos Football Club is a non-profit organization. We derive our revenue from grants, registration fees, and game day operations revenue. 

We strive to keep registration costs to the minimum required for us to operate a successful Club while maintaining good-standing in the Manitoba Minor Football Association.

Our sponsors play a MASSIVE role in our ability to keep fees as low as possible.

If you are a business or person insterested in sponsoring our Club, click here to see pledge levels.