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Prior to the 1991 football season, the club was a loosely affiliated collection of teams being run by Pop Warner Football with games being played out of St. James Optimist Park.  In early 1991, with 3 teams and approximately 82 players, Wayne Eastveld and George Snively registered the name Charleswood Broncos Football Club and the Broncos were officially formed.

During the 1995 and 1996 seasons, the Charleswood Broncos Football Club and the Oak Park High School Raiders both had 15 - 17 yr old teams (Bantam/Midget) with the majority of the eligible players playing for Oak Park.  Due to this overlap and after discussions with the Oak Park Club, the Broncos chose to eliminate their Midget program.  It was also decided that the two clubs would work together to provide mutual assistance in a team and player development.  The Charleswood Broncos Football club still maintains an excellent relationship with the Oak Park Raiders and is the Raiders main source of players.

In 1997 the Broncos requested and were granted permission from the City of Winnipeg to move to their current location at the Eric Coy Recreational Centre which is located on Oakdale Drive in Charleswood.  This gave the club a home field in the Charleswood area as well as a commonplace to practice.  Originally the Broncos rented all of their football equipment from Pop Warner.  However, in 1998, they began purchasing their own equipment, which was stored at the Westdale Community Club.  The community club has been and still is, a great supporter of the Charleswood Broncos.

In 2000 the Broncos entered into an agreement with the City of Winnipeg and were able to secure the use of the front half of the building at 535 Oakdale Drive for use as a clubhouse and for equipment storage.  In 2006, the Club was able to secure the full use of the Clubhouse and the Charleswood Broncos Football Club became officially incorporated.  The City of Winnipeg supported a 5-year renewable lease for the clubhouse and a 5-year renewable lease.  This, together with the official incorporation of the Club, laid the foundation for long term planning.

The Charleswood Broncos Football Club has expanded considerably since the 3 teams and approximately 82 players in 1991 to 8 teams and over 200 players in 2009.