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Team Staff

All teams have 3 main positions: Coach, Trainer, and Manager. 

Below is an application for all 3. Pay attention to the headings, as some sections are only required for a specific role. Only the first section contains required information, all others can be skipped if not relevant.

Detailed information about requirements for each role can be found here:

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Team Staff Application

Please fill out the following form if you are interested in being an official team Coach, Trainer, or Manager

Your Name *

Your Email *

Required Info for All Roles

Street Address and Postal Code (add city if not in Winnipeg) *

Date of Birth *

Have you ever been convicted of a criminal offence? *

If yes, please elaborate

If required, do you agree to further screening as required by the Football Manitoba and Football Canada policies? *

Team staff roles may require additional screening, including but not limited to, Criminal Record Checks and Child Abuse Registry.

Do you have a child/children planning to register for a Broncos team? *

Which Team(s)? (select all that apply)

Are you willing to be a Team Staff member for a team that your child ISN'T on? *

Preference will ALWAYS be given for your childs team, but if needed, it would be helpful to know what our options are.

Which Team Staff positions are you interested in? (select all that apply) *

Have you completed Respect in Sport for Activity Leaders? *

Respect in Sport for Activity Leaders

This free course offered through Sport Manitoba is a requirement for ALL team staff. Skip if you haven't completed it yet.

Respect in Sport Certificate #

Leave blank if you haven't completed any courses yet

Respect in Sport Certificate Expiry

Manager Section

Please fill out this section if you are interested in being a team Manager

Have you been a team Manager before?

If you possess any skills or experience that you believe are pertinent to the role, please list them.

Trainer Section (& Coach if applicable)

Please complete this section if you are interested in being a team Trainer. If you are applying for a coach, but possess any of the certificates below, please indicate

Do you have MATA training?

This is only a requirement for trainers, but coaches are permitted to act as both if qualifed

MATA Certificate Issue Date

First Aid/CPR Certificate #

First Aid/CPR Expiry date

Coaching Section 1

Please complete this section if you indicated that you want to be Coach

Do you have football coaching experience?

Do you have coaching experience?

Please list all of your coaching experience, football or otherwise

Sport - Age - Years Coached

List any other coaches that have applied (or will) that you'd like to work with?

Best efforts will be made to accommodate, but can't be guaranteed.

Coaching Section 2

Only complete this section if you have completed NCCP courses


Which of the required courses have you completed? (select all that apply)

List any other NCCP courses you've completed.

List name, number, date completed.


Please list any other qualifications or experience that you feel you bring to the role

Is there anything we haven't asked that is important for us to know?