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The First Down Program curriculum consists of eight one-hour sessions, specifically developed for younger children. The sessions develop fundamental movement skills like running, throwing, catching, and kicking among children under the age of eight. The program incorporates football-related movements, activities, and skills to help build physical literacy in a safe, non-contact environment.


Football Canada’s First Down Program helps get kids under the age of eight moving and active while having fun. The goal is to help develop their movement abilities and foster further participation in physical activity or sports.

The skills that the children develop are not specific to football, though they are taught in a football “environment”, and are designed to help guide these young athletes to develop as well-rounded athletes regardless of what their primary sport may be in the future,


The program is usually run in partnership with our member, community-based football clubs, and takes place at their home field locations. There is no equipment required by the participants aside from decent running shoes (soccer cleats are acceptable for better traction).

Spring/Summer 2023
Monday and Wednesday
6:00 pm - 7:00 pm
June 5 to 28 (rain dates July 3rd and 5th)
Cost: $90.00 per player
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Summer/Fall 2023
Monday and Wednesday
6:00 pm - 7:00 pm
August 21 to September 18 (rain dates September 20th and 25)
Cost: $90.00 per player *discounted to $55.00 if you participate in the Spring session as well
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